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Terms and Conditions 

Where practical, we use a 3-staged payment method. We prefer payment via bank transfer using the lead customers name, and the reference number that We provide you with as Your Reference.


We (Mr Sweeps stove shop Ltd)


Customer (The person or persons ordering the product or installation)


1. Our quote must be accepted via email, letter, in writing.
Accepted quotes will require a deposit that covers the full cost of the stove or product. Once the deposit has been received and product ordered, this is non-refundable. The goods are then owned by the customer.


2. Delay in paying deposits may cause delays to any arranged installation dates. We accept no responsibility for any delay caused by any third party.


3. Costs incurred by the customer due to third party issues or weather conditions are NOT the responsibility of the supplier (us)

4. Installation will be confirmed with the customer


Package Deals


With all package deals we reserve the right to use any before, after and during photographic material to be used for our marketing on social media forums and our website. We also reserve the right to place a small advertising board at the property whilst we are installing and for a maximum of 28 days after installation.




2. Whilst we use our expertise and knowledge to survey the proposed work, it is NOT always possible to see all aspects of the proposed work. Some flues may appear to be clear but have unforeseen blockages that may require removal before work can be carried out. This may require additional work and cost, which will be disclosed to you before commencement of the additional works. Where we are installing gas appliances, we cannot accept responsibility for any existing gas/pipe issues, such as leaks/obsolete or outdated pipework, which may cause further work. Any costs incurred will be the sole responsibility of the owner.


3. Our work is carried out via ladder access. If during the installation, our fitting team feel un-safe with the on-site situation and need further access equipment such as scaffolding. This is the full responsibility of the customer and any additional costs will be due upon completion of the work.


4. All flue ways must be clear and chimneys swept prior to work commencing. This is the responsibility of the customer. We can arrange the sweep at the current rate.


4.1 Sweeping the chimney will ensure that mess and dust is kept to a minimum.


4.2 This is not a guarantee that all obstacles/ blockages will be removed.


4.3 If there is a blockage in the flue way preventing the new liner installation, such as fallen mortar or concrete blocking a flue bend, this will incur additional labour costs depending on the time spent. This will be confirmed at the time.


4.4 On very rare occasions there may be a need to break into a flue. If this happens, we will repair the area. We will not be responsible for any decoration. Confirmation will be given at the time.


Installation Engineers


5. Our installation engineers meet the highest standards of the HETAS / OFTEC / GAS SAFE industry. We carefully vet all our work partners before inviting them to join our team. Each engineer is a competent person, and this enables them to certify that the work they carry out is safe and to the current building control standards.


5.1 Upon work completion, the customer will receive a HETAS / OFTEC / GAS SAFE Compliant Certificate to register your new fire/installation from the installation engineer. Please be aware that certification can take several weeks to arrive during busy periods.


5.2 The installation engineer will be fully responsible for all safety aspects of the installation and building works. Any remedial works will be carried out by the installation engineer.


5.3 All fitting costs will be paid directly to the installation engineer on the day of completion.


Twin wall systems


1. When quoting twin wall systems, we endeavour to keep the cost to the customer down by using the fewest components needed. On occasion and in certain weather conditions, additional height or cowl set-ups may be needed to help with draw issues. We will provide these components at the RRP cost and install them free of charge should this happen.





1 At the end of the job – The customer must check all work has been completed by the fitting team. Do not make any payments to the team without first inspecting the work is acceptable and that you are satisfied. ALL PAYMENTS ARE TO BE COMPLETE BEFORE THE FITTER LEAVES THE CUSTOMER’S HOME – THIS INCLUDES ANY BALANCE DUE TO MR SWEEPS STOVE SHOP. Our bank details should have been provided with the fitting confirmation email and at the time of your quote.


Third party payments.


1 From time to time we are asked to recommend a trustworthy tradesman. This may have some bearing on timings and finish of the overall installation. These services may include electricians Plasterers decorators etc. We will not ask for or receive a commission from such trades. This is a goodwill service for which we accept no responsibility or liability. We will in most cases ask the customer to pay these trades separately. Our payments due will not be reliant on any third-party tradesperson arrangements you may agree, or have agreed with the third party.



The customer or the customer’s representative must be present at the demonstration of the finished job on the day of completion. This is to ensure the end user has a full and clear understanding of how to use the appliance, safely and effectively. We will NOT re-attend to demonstrate the appliance. You must also provide fire making materials in the case of a wood burning appliance installation. If the customer cannot be present at the end of the installation payment arrangements for relevant balances must have be in place prior. This is to avoid re attending to collect payments, this will incur additional time and cost. We reserve the right to reclaim time and expense incurred due to unnecessary re attendance.


Returned cheques


We reserve the right to pass on any costs incurred due to returned cheques.


Natural Products.


We use lots of natural products in our fireplace design and installation. These materials will vary in colour texture and look. These products can not be hand selected for each customer. We will always try to be flexible with these items. However, it is solely the customers responsibility to inspect and accept the items prior to installation. This is especially important where the natural product is a hearth, such as Slate Granite or Stone. Installation of the hearth is fundamental to the stove or appliance installation. We can not remove or replace a hearth once it has been installed without additional cost to the client. Please understand these products are as nature intended, each and every item will be different.


Oak Mantles


Where possible we ask customers to come and choose their own oak mantles in our showroom. We will then bring it on the day and install it for you. It is often said, real oak never stops moving. It reacts to different environmental conditions in many ways. It will crack, twist and change over many months. Lighting a fire under the Oak will also mean it will shrink and crack. We feel this is part of its beauty. We cannot accept any responsibility for any movement or look of the solid Oak after installation. If you are unsure in any way you, should purchase a composite oak mantle instead.




We agree to take away all rubbish and package materials brought to the home by the fitting team.
We do not have a waste disposal licence.
Where possible our fitting team will help remove small amounts of debris.
We will NOT be able to remove significant amounts of debris. The customer must provide a small skip, or employ a specialist service, with the relevant waste licences. It is now an offence to carry waste without a waste removal licence.


Product returns


If a customer has asked us to order a product and then wishes to return the item within 28 days for any reason. Mr Sweeps Stove Shop will charge a fee of 20% plus any delivery or transportation costs. Any used or damaged Item will not be eligible for refund. Within reason, all packaging must be returned with the item.


We are proud to say our Terms and Conditions are easy to read and understand. We feel we are open and fair with our terms of business. We like to think we are flexible and easy to deal with and having terms like ours is a way of showing our customers how we work. You are more than welcome to pass comment on our business practice by emailing us directly on

Many Thanks

Mr Sweeps Stove shop.