Mr Sweep Says

You Can only install a wooden Mantle if it complies to HETAS regulations for DTC distance to combustibles. As a rule of thumb. This is 450mm above the appliance. Or 3 x the connecting pipe diameter. Eg 125 x3 =375 DTC or 150 x3 =450 DTC this is set in Stone. If a inspection is carried out by HETAS and this regulation is not adhered to the installation WILL be condemned.

All stoves and closed appliances MUST be swept by a professional Chimney Sweeps annually.
Sweeps cost £60
You will be sent a reminder by Mr Sweep every year. Do not ignore it.
Failure to maintain your flue and stove May invalidate your guarantee.
Your stove manufacturer will not listen to excuses.
You must retain your chimney sweeps certificate. We will also have a record of it.
Failure to sweep the Stove yearly can also invalidate your home insurance .
Reasons like we haven’t used it that much, are not valid.

Some people think stoves are incinerators. They are not. If you use the correct fuel your stove will last foe many years.

Wood burning stoves are for seasoned dry wood the moisture content should be less than 20%. Ideal is between 10 & 20 %
Never burn unseasoned high in sapp Wood such as conifers. It will damage your liner and stove. It will also mean you are likely to have a chimney fire.

MF stoves are for use of both solid fuel and wood. This means anthracite often called smokeless coal, logs,Peat, and some manufactured wood products such as hotties, blazer logs, and even Coffee logs are now acceptable.

Misuse of the appliance will invalidate the manufacturer issued guarantee. This may also lead to liner damage. We can tell if the appliance has been misused. We have ways of telling if a appliance has been or is being misused by carrying out inspections and sweeps.
All stoves are for intermittent use only. They are not designed for around the clock use for long periods of time. We have customers who put the stove on in September and keep it going until March. We do NOT recommend this.

Our package deals use Specflue 316/316 liner as standard.this liner is recommended for the use of Wood burning and occasional burning of solid fuels. It is not recommended for the constant use of solid fuel. Solid fuel produces a high quantity of sulphur in its soot content, ones this adherers to the liner it slowly begins to eat through the steel. This will weaken the structure and the liner will fail. PLEASE NOTE  if you intend to use solid fuel as your primary fuel you MUST upgrade the liner to 904/904 stainless steel.
An additional cost will apply.

Wood is a renewable fuel. This make Woodburners Carbon Neutral. Waste  products, produced by log burners are absorbed by trees helping them thrive.

Most of these fuel are not good for the environment, the emissions produced are often damaging. They have high levels of damaging particulates that can damage our breathable air.  Our government will ban the use of the worst of these products next year. Look out for the “Ready to Burn” logo on bagged products.